Herbal Cooling Scalp Care Spray
Strengthen hair roots / Nourish scalp

Suitable Users

All Scalp / Thin Hair Types


e 115 mL/4.06 FL.OZ.


For thin hair and oily scalp types

The spray features a special formula that effectively provides special nutritional needs on the scalp and strengthens hair. It also contains L-Terpinen-4ol and DHT Blocker that assure stronger and healthier hair over time.


6 Features of Healthy Scalpcare Spray

  • Herbal extracts     
  • Essential oils        
  • 0% Estrogen     
  • Artificial coloring free    
  • Drug ingredient free  
  • Chemical preservative free
How to use
Test on your skin and shake before using. Spray 8-10 times evenly onto scalp after washing your hair and gently massage. No need to rinse off after applying.
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