Herbal Scalp Care Spray
Strengthen hair roots / Nourish scalp

Suitable Users

All Scalp / Thin Hair Types




For thin hair and all scalp types

The spray features a special formula that effectively provides special nutritional needs on the scalp and strengthens hair. It also contains Polygonum Multiflorum Extract and DHT Blocker that assure stronger and healthier hair over time.


6 Features of Healthy Scalpcare Spray

  • Herbal extracts     
  • Essential oils        
  • 0% Estrogen     
  • Artificial coloring free    
  • Drug ingredient free  
  • Chemical preservative free
How to use

Test on your skin and shake before using. Spray 8-10 times evenly onto scalp after washing your hair and gently massage. No need to rinse off after applying.

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